The 2011 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Published December 8, 2011 by Deb Ragosta

Instead of writing my thoughts this week, I thought I would share two interesting articles about announcements made at this week’s Breast Cancer Symposium.  After reading the articles, I thought, once again – small steps.  I don’t want another 6 months.  I want a long life!  After re-thinking my initial reaction, however, I’ve changed my opinion.  I now look at what seems like small steps to be part of the walkway that will eventually find a cure for breast cancer.  Of course, I would like that cure to come in time to benefit me and my metsisters and brothers, but if it takes another generation, it will benefit our children and our children’s children and I want my daughter to be able to live without the fear of  breast cancer hanging over her head,

The first article is from the Wall Street Journal.  The second is an Associate Press article posted on Yahoo and sent to me by a friend.

Don’t Stop Believing


2 comments on “The 2011 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

  • In 2008, Jane Brody had an interesting column about cancer, especially focusing on people with advanced cancer. I liked the following: “…….Speaking generally, Dr. Francisco J. Esteva, a breast cancer specialist at the Anderson center, said in an interview: “Our ultimate goal is not to make this a chronic disease, but to keep patients alive long enough until we can find the right treatment for the right patient and cure the disease. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet, but meanwhile we try to keep patients alive with a good quality of life for as long as possible.”

    Dr. Fisch calls the new therapy for advanced cancer “the hitchhiker model.” …..”

    Since then, I have always thought of myself as a hitchhiker. One day there will be a cure. I am grateful for the treatments that keep me going.


  • I love it! That’s what we are – “hitchhikers!” I know when I was diagnosed with bone mets 2 years ago, one of the physicians I saw at Dana-Farber told me basically the same thing. She told me if I can hang on, I may just benefit from a cure. The researchers are close and every step brings them a little closer!


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