Life Happens – An Update

Published March 15, 2016 by Deb Ragosta

Just a quick note to tell you my daughter was able to leave the hospital today. She is at 27 weeks/4 days of her pregnancy, but her physicians decided she could go home to strict bed rest. She must have weekly ultrasounds and OBS checks, but the baby already weighs approximately three pounds and is doing well.  

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and kind words. Although we all experience life’s unexpected challenges, we never know our real strength until we come out from the clouds to feel the warm healing that surrounds us. It’s there for the asking – from our friends, family, spiritual connections and religious beliefs. We just have to know anything is possible, as long as we NEVER stop believing.

Don’t Stop Believing!


May you realize that even in your darkest moments, something wonderful and amazing can happen that will change your life and remind you to never stop living for those rays of light that will take away the dark.

2 comments on “Life Happens – An Update

  • Good luck, We had early babies 29 werrk and 27 week ,they are fine and love shoes. Keep her in bed follow the doctor . 3 lbs is good a real milestone .it is going to be fine.


    • Thank you for your comment – it gives me great hope to hear wonderful stories about premies who are strong and healthy. Of course, I will get be little-girl shoe shopping before I know it. Hope you are well.


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