Our Easter Miracle

Published March 27, 2016 by Deb Ragosta

Living my life as a woman with metastatic breast cancer really isn’t much different than how my life would have been had I never had breast cancer. I was diagnosed with bone metastases 6 ½ years ago and have had no progression or spread. I know how blessed I am but I also know that the odds are pretty good that, at some point, my cancer will take off and living with it won’t be as easy. Regardless of what lies ahead for me, however, I will never let having stage 4 breast cancer turn me into a woman who misses the blessings given to me every day. Some of them, such as the births of my grandchildren are so powerful, I can embrace them without the cloud of illness blocking the rays of sunshine that are meant for me. How sad would it be if I let the fact of my disease take away the pure joy of the life I live?

At Easter, Christians celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s a time of warmth, renewal, rebirth and alleluias. Like many celebrations, both religious and secular, Easter is a family, food and fun holiday – all wrapped into a colorful basket filled with candy and delivered by the second most anticipated once-a-year memory from our childhoods – the Easter Bunny. (Where does E.Bunny get all that candy?)        

I believe that every so often, something happens that is so amazing and special, we refer to it as a “miracle.” If you’ve read my last two blogs or you are my friend on Facebook, you may know that for the last two months my pregnant daughter has been hospitalized due to complications caused by a minor car accident. She was 21 weeks pregnant when the accident happened and fought hard to hold onto her baby until at least a much more viable 28 weeks. 

Many people believe there are no such things as miracles, but I know they exist because I’ve been touched by them in my life in the form of events and things that could not be explained by logic, reason or science. Because I believe in miracles, I can recognize them and embrace them. Last Sunday, March 20th, my precious granddaughter, Natalie came into this world after 28 weeks and 2 days in utero. She weighed 2 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 15 ½ inches long. She’s in the neonatal intensive care unit and will be hospitalized for many weeks, but so far, she’s healthy and perfect in every way. At the time of the accident, physicians gave her a 50/50 chance of survival. Now, she is on her way to breathing on her own and is getting stronger every day. For me, her parents, other grandparents and extended family, little Natalie is so much more than her big brother’s little sis, her parent’s second child and her grandparents’ second grandchild. She is our Easter miracle.

Miracles can and do happen. We just have to be open to recognizing them and realizing how blessed we are to be in their paths. 

Don’t Stop Believing!


May you realize that even in your darkest moments, something wonderful and amazing can happen that will change your life and remind you to never stop living for those rays of light that will take away the dark.

6 comments on “Our Easter Miracle

  • I’m so glad you are doing well Debbie and I feel confident that your new granddaughter, Natalie, will get through this and grow up to be fine. I believe in miracles too! Love you! Phyllis


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